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  • Diffuser


    A multi-functional aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, ionizer, and night light all-in-one unit.  It can help you discover the trans-formative, aromatic properties of essential oils, improves air quality and mask unwanted odors.  The unit works as a humidifier to improve the quality of air and makes breathing easy, functions as an ionizer by releasing negative ions into the air, helps to lift your mood and relieve stress, and is helpful for getting a peaceful nights' sleep.

    Great night light for young children scared of the dark at bedtime. Portable for home, yoga, office, spa, and bedrooms. Perfect gift idea for family and friends who love aromatherapy!

    • Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation, and no beep noise when pressing buttons.

    • 7 Color LED Lights: Works as an ideal nightlight that can be set to bright, soft glow, or cycling through colors.

    • Shuts off automatically when the water runs out (auto shut-off also shuts off the light).  Holds 150 ml of water.

    • Three working modes: Intermittent mist (30 seconds on/30 seconds off), Continuous mist, and Lights only.

      (In lights only mode, the light will stay on until manually shut off)

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