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Claire's Pendant


Inspired by our daughter

At age 6, our daughter Claire asked to join the family business. Wanting to support her ambition and creativity, we encouraged her to not only come up with ideas for a product, but one that could benefit her customers lives as well. After many ideas she decided to create this aromatherapy pendant. With some help from us, Claire hand crafts each clay pendant here in Ohio.

Aromatherapy Pendant

Made of terra cotta clay, add one drop of essential or fragrance oil on each side of this pendant at the top near the string and the oil will run down the vein and absorb into the pendant. Hang in your car, a room in the house, or in your office and enjoy your favorite fragrance!

When adding your oil for the first time to the pendant, place a drop on each side and then rub the oil into the surface and sides of pendant to cover thoroughly. Once the terra cotta diffuser no longer gives off the desired scent, refresh the scent by adding another drop of oil to the surface of the clay.

Know someone who gets motion sickness when riding in a car? Frankincense, Peppermint, or Spearmint essential oils have properties that have been known to help with vertigo/motion sickness.